Our Mission
Our mission at Interprop Realty is to offer you a wide range of exceptional and carefully selected brand new house, land and apartment packages. We are dedicated to meet your specific requirements, whether it is a residential or investment property that you are looking for. We are committed to finding the perfect property for you, offering you and your family a better lifestyle now and well into the future.

Why Invest?
Investing in property is the most popular method of earning a passive income and creating wealth – even during retirement. A good investment property can generate capital growth, create a passive income through rental income and yield as well as provide you with a tax advantage due to negative gearing.

Building a better future.

Real Estate Licence No. 4108729

What is Business in a Box?

Interprop - Business in a Box is a referral business which allows anyone to earn a great income just by referring new Queensland property buyers to Interprop Realty.

In June 2017, the topic of young couples struggling to scrape together enough money for a deposit for their first home was a common one in our offices. The question then arose, how could Interprop help them?

That's when BUSINESS IN A BOX was born, the two-layer referral system was put into place and with the plan to make it as simple as possible, we developed the personal referral links, perfect for simply cut, paste and share.

The business suits all type of people from those wanting to just simply share their referral link and earn 10%, to those who want to actively build their own business by directly finding buyers using the marketing material provided by Interprop. This includes marketing material for letter box drops, social media and business cards. You could even build you own website or social media platform using Interprop resources and business model.

With referral fees ranging from $2,000 - $9,000* ($10,000 - $15,000 for those holding a Real Estate license) this is life changing for so many people.

Interprop have the philosophy, sharing is caring, we get such a buzz from seeing people from all walks of life achieving their financial goals. We have referral partners that have bought their first home or investment property via the Interprop model and we find that very exciting!!

The Interprop Team

*conditions apply

To find your place to LIVE, call us on 0402148328 or CLICK HERE

Featured Properties

from $999,900

MIDWATER, Main Beach Gold Coast

Gold Coast - Apartments
from $581,000

Athena Residences

Gold Coast - Apartments

from $529,000

Vivace II - Seven Hills

Brisbane - Apartments
from $749,000

Pearl, Main Beach

Gold Coast - Apartments

from $698,500

The Star Residences

Gold Coast - Apartments
from $694,000

Adena Residences, Wynnum West

Brisbane - Apartments
from $610,000

The Ambrose - Milton

Brisbane - Apartments

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